Friday, March 6, 2009

Adobe Flash CS4

Today, I had the opportunity to work in Flash CS4.

Oh my goodness, its god trajectory like feature and bones for character animation.
That is awesome

Adobe calls these features as Time-savers

Let me list few of these :

Fine-tune animations fast Time-saver

Adjust simple Bezier curves to control changes between keyframes. What once required painstaking hours of work has been made faster with this single easy-to-use panel.

Save hours of work with prebuilt animations
Select from dozens of presets or create and save your own. Share presets with others to save animation time.
That’s cool guys. Working with Flash is never going to be the same.

The Constant Gardener

I loved watching this move. Hope you enjoy it too.

British diplomat in Nairobi, is told that his activist wife, was killed while traveling with a doctor friend in a desolate region of Africa. Investigating on his own, the diplomat discovers that her murder, reportedly done by her friend, may have had more sinister roots.

He uncovers a corporate scandal. KVH (Karel Vita Hudson), a large pharmaceutical company working under the cover of AIDS tests and treatments, is testing a tuberculosis drug that has severe side effects. Rather than help the test trial subjects and begin again with new medicine, KVH covered up the side effects reported in the tests, and only improved the drug in anticipation of a massive, multi-resistant tuberculosis outbreak.

As he begins to piece together the final report on the fraudulent drug tests, he learns that the roots of the conspiracy stretch further than he could have imagined; to a German pharmawatch NGO, an African aid station, and most disturbingly to him, corrupt politicians in the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Sunday, March 1, 2009



Have you read this book. I just happened to come accross this book by Gladwell. The book is titled Outliers - The story of success. There is a topic on remembering and practicing things and it says for a person to master some thing (or to become like A. R. Rehman) you need to outpass other masters in that particular field and practice nearly for 10,000 hours.

My suggestion on that would be to practice even more than that. So that you become unconsciously competent.

Check the below blog for more details on Outliers and Gladwell.