Sunday, March 29, 2009

LOVE - to my Soul mate

My love for you is ever so strong.
I feel so right, i know it can’t be wrong.
I know I’ve done a lot of things wrong.
I punish myself for what I’ve done to you.
I really regret doing so, i wish all that wasn’t true.
Baby lets take a walk back in time,
and cherish all those memories,
when everything was fine.
The world changed since you left me,
I’ve changed since you left me.
The sun never set,
the moon never rose.
I still remember the time.
when we were close.
My love for you is the same since the first day i met you.
how i wish time just stopped,
time just stopped the moment,
i first saw you.
time just stopped,
the moment you said you love me,
the moment i heard you.
Please tell me again you still love me,
Please tell me you miss me.
When i cry,
tears of blood run down face.
My heart aches for you in every beat.